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Romania Government Scholarship 2024 (Fully funded Scholarship Romania)

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Romania Government Scholarship 2024
(Fully funded Scholarship Romania)

The Romania Government Scholarship stands as a beacon among Europe's scholarship programs, eagerly anticipated by international students. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania extends a warm invitation to non-EU students, urging them to seize the opportunity to pursue higher education at esteemed Romanian universities, encompassing Undergraduate, Master, and PhD programs.

This scholarship embraces diverse academic fields, ranging from architecture and visual arts to culture and civilization, journalism, political and administrative science, engineering, education science, social and human science, technical studies, oil and gas, and agricultural science, as well as science and technology. However, it's important to note that medical science programs, including MBBS, dentistry, Bachelor in Pharmacy, and related subjects, are regrettably not covered by this international scholarship.

Beyond the academic spectrum, the essence of the Romania Government Scholarships lies in its aspiration to attract outstanding, highly motivated, and talented young minds from around the globe. By fostering a cultural exchange with the world, this program aims to illuminate the path for a future generation of leaders and innovators, creating an enriching tapestry of knowledge and diversity in Romania.

Scholarship Duration:

Undergraduate Degree: 3-6 Years

Master’s Degree: 1, 1.5-2 Years

Doctorate Degree: 3-5 Years

Eligibility Criteria


Documents Required:

How to Apply

The application process for the fully funded Romania government scholarship 2024 is online.

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