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University of Calabria Scholarship 2024-25 (Fully funded Scholarship in Italy)

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University of Calabria Scholarship 2024-25


The University of Calabria is currently accepting applications for its fully funded scholarships for the academic year 2024-2025. These scholarships are designed for individuals keen on pursuing their master’s degree in a European setting. For the 2024-2025 academic year, the University of Calabria plans to grant a total of 120 fully funded scholarships. These scholarships cover not only tuition fees but also include complimentary boarding and lodging services. Additionally, recipients will receive a stipend of €3,600.

Located in the picturesque southern region of Italy, the University of Calabria offers a welcoming environment for international students worldwide. Remarkably, these scholarships are open to applicants from all corners of the globe, providing an equal opportunity for those residing outside of Europe. Notably, all courses under this scholarship program are conducted in English, facilitating accessibility for a diverse range of applicants. Moreover, Italy stands out as an affordable destination for students, offering numerous part-time job prospects to supplement living expenses.

The University of Calabria holds a prestigious position among Italy's educational institutions, known for its exceptional academic and research environment. Renowned as a leader in engineering studies, it consistently ranks as one of the top universities in the country. This scholarship opportunity presents an incredible chance to immerse oneself in a vibrant academic community while experiencing the rich cultural heritage of Italy. Applicants are encouraged to seize this opportunity and submit their applications to embark on an enriching educational journey at the University of Calabria.

Number of UNICAL Scholarships 2024:

Ø  120 Scholarships

University of Calabria Scholarship Duration:

Ø  2 Years

Eligible Master Degree Programs under the University of Calabria Scholarship in Italy 2024-25:

The University of Calabria Scholarship is available for 10 International Master’s Degrees that are taught in English.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science
  2. Environmental and Territorial Safety Engineering
  3. Robotics and Automation Engineering
  4. Telecommunication Engineering
  5. Health Biotechnology
  6. Nutritional Sciences
  7. Chemistry
  8. Mathematics
  9. Physics
  1. Finance and Insurance

Eligibility Criteria

Benefits of the Unical Scholarship 2024 in Itly

Applicants are allowed to apply for only one degree course. However, if they wish to change their selection, they must first cancel their previous application before applying for another. Before the deadline, applicants have the flexibility to modify or upload any missing documents, providing valuable assistance in the application process.

Documents Required:

How to Apply

How to apply

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