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At Career Advisers, our primary goal is to provide exceptional study abroad experiences for students seeking to broaden their horizons and enhance their educational journey.

Gain hands-on experience in renowned organizations worldwide, cultivating a global network, and refining your skills in diverse, real-world settings. Break free from conventional boundaries, embrace cultural diversity, and shape your career trajectory on a global scale.

Join us on this exhilarating journey, where each internship is not just a stepping stone but a passport to a future brimming with possibilities. Elevate your career with international exposure, and let your professional story unfold on a truly global stage.

Meet the visionary leader at the helm of our Scholarships Department, Miss. Syeda Muhadsa Naqvi. A shining example of the transformative power of education, Miss. Naqvi is not just the head; she’s the embodiment of what international scholarships can achieve.

As a UGRAD 2022 Exchange Program Alumna, she ventured across oceans to the USA on a fully funded scholarship, gaining not just academic knowledge but a global perspective. Her journey doesn’t stop there – she’s triumphed in National and International Programs, contributing significantly to the National Expansion Plan of NICs 2021 in Pakistan. Miss. Naqvi has also successfully completed a fully funded Entrepreneurship program through the Academy of Women Entrepreneurs (AWE), a prestigious initiative by the Arizona State University, USA in 2022.

Miss. Naqvi’s journey reflects our commitment to nurturing not just scholars but future leaders. The Scholarships Section isn’t just about financial support; it’s a gateway to transformative experiences, cross-cultural exchanges, and a platform to hone skills that transcend borders.