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Doha Institute Scholarship
(Fully funded Scholarship Qatar)

The Doha Institute welcomes applications for fully funded scholarships for international graduate students seeking advanced studies in Qatar during the academic year 2024. This comprehensive graduate scholarship encompasses a diverse array of academic fields, providing international students with opportunities to pursue master’s degree programs at the Doha Institute.

The Doha Institute Graduate Scholarships for 2024 come in two categories: the Tamim, a merit-based scholarship for international students, and the SANAD Grant, a scholarship based on financial needs. These fully funded graduate scholarships cover all aspects of the academic journey, from travel expenses to accommodation. Notably, there is no requirement for IELTS/TOEFL, providing flexibility for applicants to apply without these language proficiency exams. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply for the Doha Institute Scholarship Program 2024.

Qatar actively promotes its education system and culture globally through various international scholarships. The Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, established in 2014, has been a key contributor to this initiative. Over the years, the institute has consistently offered diverse scholarships to international students, providing them with access to high-quality education in Qatar, free of charge. Beyond academics, the institute also fosters the development of communication and leadership skills among its students.

By choosing the Doha Institute, students not only gain access to a world-class education but also experience the richness of Qatar's diverse environment. Engaging with peers from around the globe, students have the unique opportunity to explore Qatar and immerse themselves in its culture. Applications for the Doha Institute Scholarship Program 2024 are now open, offering a gateway to a transformative academic experience in Qatar.

Fields of Study

Eligibility Criteria for Doha Institute Scholarships 2024 in Qatar:

Benefits of Doha Institute Scholarships 2024:

1) Tamim Scholarships:

The Tamim scholarship provided by the Doha Institute is a merit-based award extended to both Qatari and international students, recognizing their outstanding accomplishments in the field of education.

2) SANAD Grant Scholarships:

SANAD Grant scholarships are financial need-based awards available to both national and international students, tailored to their individual financial requirements. The benefits associated with these scholarships are outlined below.:

Application Process: